How We Hone

The 'DNA' to succeed is "Dhyana" - Focus, "Niyata" - Discipline, "Anakula" - Consistency in all our students. This ensures our students go about acquiring, assimilating, reinforcing and utilizing whatever they learn in a steady, stress-free manner.

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Uniquely designed assessment system

Competition is healthy, undue stress is not we promote positive competitive spirit where the performance of the students is at its peak. Our carefully designed formative assessments are utilized only as a means to understand and improve a student too much importance is not given to scores or rank, thus ensuring the students learn not feel stressed or panicky about ranks. Periodic summative assessments however replicate the actual exam in every aspect this is when ranks are revealed and students are made to understand the relative competition they are up against.
All these tests are well-spaced over every fortnight and not every week. This means the student has ample time to identify and rectify his errors. This is extremely difficult in a weekly exam system where the student does not have sufficient time to equip with required preparation, analyze or rectify his mistakes.


  Uniformity in faculty

Our on-campus faculty is accessible during all working hours to provide personal attention and spend time guiding our students understand the subject in the right manner without misinterpretations. The faculty and staff is itself not stressed to ensure they do the needful. We ensure a student interacts with only one faculty for a subject, to enable the faculty understands his/her students and vice-versa. This also ensures accountability of the faculty for the performance of a student. Too many teachers for one subject means that neither do students adapt to one style of learning, nor can the teacher know the characteristics of his students.

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 Unique Work Sessions

 Everyday students have to apply the concepts they learnt in the class through GRADED WORKSHEETS under the supervision of same subject Lecturers. Strong emphasis will be given to work sessions.

There are several other methodologies, utilizing which we refine our student's skills to make sure that they shine to the desired extent, but that would not fit in here. You are free to walk-in to our office to know more about our unique academic program.