Courses Offered (IIT-JEE Coaching)

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Two-year Integrated course for IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced

Prepares for IIT-JEE Coaching, Bitsat, Kvpy, Olympiads and other engineering entrance examinations

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Two-years of Integrated course for SAT

Prepares for SAT test, SAT Subject tests, AP Exam, TOEFL and Intermediate syllabi

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Two-year Integrated course for Medical Entrance 

Prepares for State , National Medical Entrance Tests, and Intermediate syallabi

College Programme

Our college program is designed to ensure maximum performance from the student. Stress-handling is critical in this stage of life for a student – but the amount of stress determines whether he performs or whether he yields .
In Excellencia our scientific team is always aimed to provide no1. IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad.
Scientifically, its proven that maximum performance can be achieved by optimizing stress as shown in the following graphs.
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Academic Plan Highlights H2(IIT-JEE Coaching)

  • Every academic year has three phases.

  • IPEM(Individual Parent Educator Meeting) every month

  • Examinations on every Sunday comprising of IIT-JEE , BITSAT, IPE pattern for Aadya course and NEET, IPE pattern for Sanjeevini course.

  • For Aadya,each P/C/M class and work session is of 2.5 hr duration same faculty member.

  • For Sanjeevini course,each class is of 1 hour duration followed by 1 hour worksession by same faculty member.

  • Compulsory sports for 1.5 hrs/day, meditation for 30 minutes in morning ,and 1 hour lunch time.

  • Online perfermance reports in the parent portal.

  • Question pattern discussion of every examination and error identification, resoning and solving by faculty.

  • Self assessment after first two months.

  • Practise BITSAT online tests.

  • Special attention for slow learners during evening work session.

  • Regular practice worksheets,with graded and limited questions covering all sub topics during practise sessions.

  • One movie per month in the campus and one outing per month with parents/guardians.

  • Emphasis on public speaking skills in order to have a smooth sailing in their grad study.

Hostel Accomodation

Excellencia runs a separate boys and girls hostel,having a limited accomadation.

  • Each hostel room is very spacious and accommodates 6 students with separate toilet and bath.
  • Fully residential campus for students.
  • Kitchen is maintained fully by Excellencia and not by third party.
  • North and south indian menu of very high quality and hygiene.
  • Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menu,including salads , juices and seasonal fruits.
  • No Junk foods including fizzy drinks are served.
  • All common areas are under cctv survellience.
  • All students will be mentored by teaching staff.
  • 24x7 security and Infirmary.
  • Tuckshop within the campus.
  • A lady house parent within the girls hostel.
  • Telephone and email faciility.
  • Hostel cleaniness maintainence by house keeping staff.