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Director's Desk


Mr. Venkat Muriki


Mr. Venkat Muriki is an eminet educationist with over 20years of teaching experience across India to his credit. It was his passion for education that motivated him to establish Excellencia.

Our aim is to unleash the potential in the child and catapult in the right orbit to chase his dreams. We encourage problem solving, decision taking, Independent thinking, leading by example, contribution to the society.
For Futurisitic education and career we need to equip with advanced skill sets by encouraging creativity, interpersonal skills, innovation, self motivation and strive not to rest till the goal is achieved. Product of the school should be a global citizen who can challenge the boundries and can look beyond the sky and an excellence in everything should be in the making.
Since every child will have different innate skills, needs, goals etc., we need to work coherently with the children, parents as a team, provide all the required avenues to achieve the goal.
School need to help individuals become aware of the connectedness and empowerment of all life. Fundamental to this awareness of wholeness and connectedness is the ethic expressed in all of the world's great traditions.holistic education encourages a sense of responsibility to self, to others and to the world around.

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