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Teaching Staff

Children are entrusted to us trusting that we bring a holistic improvement in them. To safeguard this trust, we recruit talented faculty with an experience of over 15 years who graduated from reputed universities and worked for Top Institution across India.
We also ensure that the supporting faculty also attend the lectures given by the senior faculty so that there is not conflict in what is being taught.
Our Educator's primary role is to simulate curiosity, dispel doubts patiently, challenge the students to push boundaries and to ensure students retain the zeal to be lifelong learners.
Our top-notch Educators are selected by our rigorous three-tier selection process. And are trained in emerging practices in Cirriculum delivery, Personalized learning, Goal-Setting, Mentoring Students and Assessment Strategies by Our Mentor Director himself he has over 20 years of teaching, functional, administrative and result oriented experience.

Non-Teaching Staff

A machine well-oiled will ensure that the work goes on without any breaks or hindrance. Applying the same analogy, the day-to-day functions of the college are taken care by a well-trained non-teaching staff comprising of 140 members who look into various facets of the college functionalities to ensure its smooth functioning.

Infrastructure & Facilities


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