Admissions open for academic year 2019-2020


Admission Form

Name Standard School

Document's to be uploaded

Please give the photograph,phone no’s,Aadharcard copy of the people who' may come to collect the student in the absence of parents and guardians with a declaration from the parents that the school can send their son/daughter with the above said person.

Declaration by Parents/Guardian:

We are seeking admission for our daughter/son (hereinafter referred to as Child)in Excellencia Infinitum (hereinafter referred to as School) after having read, understood and agreed with the terms and conditions below. We accept them and confirm that our acceptance has not been obtained by any kind of pressure or coercion of any nature whatsoever by the Management of the School.

  1. This application has been signed by us after having read and understood all the rules of the School.
  2. We declare that the information furnished by us in this application is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
  3. We fully understand that the admission to the school is based on merit and on availability of a seat at the time of scrutiny of our application and when we are called for the offer of a seat.
  4. We understand the admission being given to the child is provisional and the same may be cancelled should any of the statements made in this form is false or the relevant documents are not produced within the 10 days of filling this application unless a different timeline has been agreed upon with the School in writing.
  5. We fully understand and accept that the fee is requiredto be paid. Every term on the date mentioned in the Alminac(dairy).We also understand and accept that fees once paid, shall not be refunded under any circumstances by the School.
  6. In the event of a fee payment cheque being dishonoured, the Management of the School reserves the right to dismiss/de-enroll the child at its discretion and levy any other penalty as it may deemfit.
  7. The School reserves the right to increase/revise/amend the fee structure and/or the fee to be charged from time to time.
  8. We understand and accept that the School has the right to use our child’s photograph for any publicity, material, website, social media page/s, unless the same has been expressly objected to by us and intimated in writing to the School by us before the commencement of the Academic Year.
  9. We agree that our child will strictly follow the Dress Code of the School and wear the Uniform and Shoes as approved by the School.
  10. We understand and accept that or child may be expelled or remove from the school for non-payment of dues, for any infringement of rules of conduct or if is caught using unfair means during an examination.
  11. We agree that our child will observe the rules relating to Library, the Laboratories, Identity Card and the Code of Conduct.
  12. We understand that the School will require our child to create study material and other content from time to time as part of the learning process and that the school has the right to retain those materials.
  13. We agree that incase of withdrawal of our child from the school, fees for the subsequent quarter will have to be paid.
  14. We fully understand and agree that no document other than those required by the School will be entertained for priority of admissions.
  15. We understand and agree that if our child is found to be differently abled, the School will find it difficult to handle the educational needs of the Child In view of this and in the interest of the Child’s future, the School will have the right to terminate the admission of the Child from the School.
  16. Please note the student will be allowed to leave the school premises only with the parents or guardian.

We thank you for confiding in us.

Signature of Student

Signature of Parent

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Mother :