Weekend Treasures

Weekends at Excellencia are fascinating they give you the real break to rejuvenate and get back to studies full throttle.

Holiday Club

Infinitum believes in the importance of unearthing and celebrating skills and talents outside of the class rooms. “Our trips and activities engender a passion for exploring new opportunities. These activities are tailored to the pupil’s developmental needs. Trips are designed to ensure taking children to a range of places –historical, industrial cultural sporting. “Of course learning at Infinitum at is stimulating, enjoyable and hands-on.

Home away from Home

Boarding life remains the cornerstone of Excellencia Infinitum. A typical day scholar at Excellencia, shows up for 6-8 hours a day. A boarder can avail the opportunity to be fully immersed, acquiring knowledge and growing holistically 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can boast about well-equipped dormitories and some of the best food any school can provide. Besides, our caring staff provides all rounds support so that students can easily face the unique challenge of being away from home and learn.