Admissions open for academic year 2019-2020


From Principal's Desk


Hearty welcome to Excellencia Infinitum

We strive to prepare the students into competent, confident and caring individuals who can be strong citizens of the country.

It is a great pleasure and privilege to be the principal of India’s eminent school Excellencia Infinitum . I am elated and looking forward to a greater year. Having an experience of 18 years as a principal, I believe that I have a recipe for success because of my dedication to the profession. Having a vast experience of conducting workshops on classroom management, effective teaching skills, differentiated instruction in the classroom and improvement of linguistic skills. Constant learning is the only process that helps educators to upgrade oneself. To be an educator of this century, we need to know learning systems in the global perspective, tracing the growth of international educational methods and evaluating their usefulness in the Indian classroom. I aim to implement my plan which works and shapes the life of students and their approach to their intellectual life, creative life and physical development. It also helps to create a healthy sense of competition between themselves.

At Excellencia Infinitum academics is the only facet of an extraordinary array of opportunities our innate commitment to fulfilling the potential of each and every individual inspiring curriculum nurture a genuine love for learning. Helping me to bring my aims and goals to fruition is a team of well qualified enthusiastic faculty who nurture and burnish latent talent through teaching of highest caliber . Their diverse experience helps to strengthen the foundation of learning environment peoples are encourage to think for themselves and pursue there enthusiasms we are strong enough in our conviction and confident of making our peoples achieve outstanding success in their adult lives. It is with great pleasure that I invite parents to visit our school to discover our Excellencia Infinitum Shamirpet campus and learning environment and extend their support. Together we can create an environment where students learn, grow and lead to succeed.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Sridhar Rao Principal