Admissions open for academic year 2019-2020


Come as a student, leave as a leader


Thinker’s Union

At Excellencia we are enriching our curriculum to be thoughtful and encouraging our pupils to use cognitive approach to educational learning. Once a week our students gather in seminar hall and debate, brainstorm on the most pressing issues of the day, suggest ideas to resolve them, participate in public speaking, spell bee and painting etc. They cultivate habits such as persistence, imagining and innovating all these elements are the foundations for academic success.

Reading Club

We have a reading club where ever child is encouraged to read upto 10 books a month.

Our School Library

School library is in the heart of Excellencia Infinitum, provides over 2000 resources including books, magazines and a range of above sources accessible throughout the day. The library staff not only manage the collection, but also students and teach studies skills. We offer tutorial to support their independent learning and ensure students are able to search, manage and analyze information carefully.

Gift of Gab

Our communication skills lab devised effective techniques to improve your child’s oral skills in English. Reading news paper editorials, magazines, and novels is mandatory. Organize read aloud sessions. Vocabulary enhancement is part of our curriculum. Our conversation club organizes debates and discussions. Playing good quality English movies and documentaries in our home theatre. Soliloquy for boosting confidence.

Teaching Foreign Languages

Although English is the de facto lingua franca of the word, Globally 5.5 billion people don’t speak English at all. In a global village chances are you will bump into someone who doesn’t speak English. Besides, there are scores of other reasons such as learning foreign languages enhances listening skills and memory, improves one’s analytical skills, and improve your mobility in the global economy.

Breakfast Readings

As the saying goes there is “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. Our reading club is in alignment with the library staff promotes one of the key elements of leadership “Reading Habit” which is invaluable in later life. Students meet once a month to discuss a book together. Students choose the group selection. This activity is mandatory for all mid school pupils.

Peer Tutoring

Offers free assistance to any mid school student wanting to improve his/her academic performance in a specific course Peer tutors are successful students who will enhance your understanding of a class by reviewing the course material and assignment with you.